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Herbicide against two-submultiple weeds of Robusto super (905 g/l of difficult 2-etilgeksilovy air 2,4-D) (Aesthete)

Herbicide against two-submultiple weeds of Robusto super (905 g/l of difficult 2-etilgeksilovy air 2,4-D) (Aesthete)
  • Herbicide against two-submultiple weeds of Robusto super (905 g/l of difficult 2-etilgeksilovy air 2,4-D) (Aesthete)
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Brand:Юнайтед Агро-Кемикал Компани ГмбХ, Швейцария

• Surpasses all analogs, known in world practice, 2,4-D both in speed, and in force of suppression of weeds.
• Provides the maximum effect in comparison with aminny salts at lower (by 1,7-2,0 times) consumption rates 2,4-D acids on 1 hectare.
• Action of air on weeds (visual effect) is shown in 12-18 hours that by 2-4 times quicker, than when using aminny salts and by 10 times — sulfonilmochevin.
• The beginning of manifestation of herbicidal activity occurs at a temperature +5ºС, at other medicines of this group — at +8-12ºС.
• Thanks to high chemical purity of air, Robusto super is almost deprived of a volatility that excludes his losses in the course of application.
• Let's combine with other herbicides against two-submultiple, and also with graminitsida, insecticides, fungicides, regulators of growth and fertilizers.
• Dozhdestoyek: it is not washed away
Air is quickly absorbed by leaves of plants, by means of floemny and xylary systems, transferred to meristemny fabrics (growth points) of all plant, and also to the new formed bodies. Medicine works by the principle of auxin, the natural hormone (indoloacetic acid) which is present at a plant, but collects in big, than natural hormone, quantities; breaks process of metabolism of nitrogen and synthesis of enzymes. The half-life period of active ingredient is more than at natural auxin.
When processing glut synthetic hormones occurs herbicide in plants that leads to the uneven growth of cages and the subsequent death of plants. Medicine is not washed away by a rain in 1 hour after processing. External manifestations — curvature, a thickening and twisting of escapes, stalks, leaves, a gofrirovannost, a curvature of scapes, formation of additional roots etc.
Robusta super destroys plants of sensitive types of weeds which shoots were present at crops during processing.
The first symptoms of effect of medicine are shown in 2-3 hours from the moment of application, on perennials in 1-2 days. Elimination of weeds happens in 3-7 days and more.
Fitotoksichen for broad-leaved (two-submultiple) cultural plants. Cereals, including grain crops are steady against herbicide. The greatest degree of stability in a kushcheniye phase.
At use of herbicides on the basis of 2,4-D resistance of two-submultiple weed plants it is not observed. However at long-term annual application there can be an accumulation in an agrofitotsenoza of types of the weeds showing stability to 2,4-D.
Robusta super it is compatible to the majority of the herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, regulators of growth and mineral fertilizers applied on grain crops, in particular from sulfonilmochevina, graminitsida, dicamba, MTsPA. In each case, especially in mix with microfertilizers, preliminary check on chemical compatibility of the mixed components is necessary.
Ecological characteristic: Substance dangerous to harmful organisms. It is harmless for objects of a useful entomofauna. Malotoksichno for birds (LD50-> of 500 mg/kg). Practically it is not toxic for bees of LD50 = 104,5 mkg / a bee, for fishes of LS50> 100 mg/l for 2,4-D acids). Malotoksichen for seaweed Es50=33,2.
Toxicological characteristic: Srednetoksichen for warm-blooded animals. Sharp oral LD50 — 896 mg/kg.
Sharp thermal LD50> 2000 mg/kg. It is dangerous at hit on skin, in eyes, in a gullet and respiratory organs. Has no the sensibilizing properties.
It is necessary to observe the following ecological time limit:
1) to carry out processing of plants at a speed of wind up to 4-5 m/s;
2) a boundary and protective zone for bees — not less than 1-2 km;
3) restriction of summer of bees — 6-12 hours.
Use of medicine in a sanitary zone around fishery reservoirs is forbidden. Not to allow hit of a product and/or the remains of working solution and/or packing in reservoirs.
Consumption rate of working liquid of 80-150 l/hectare. For achievement of maximum efficiency, medicine needs to be applied by means of well adjusted equipment and to apply evenly on a sheet surface. It is recommended to apply slot-hole sprays which provide the average size of drops when spraying. After use of medicine it is good to wash out a sprayer and the accompanying equipment water.
Optimum temperature for use of medicine: from +8 to +25 0C. Avoid use of medicine at expectation of frosts in the night after processing or at once after them.
To carry out spraying at the time of the active growth of weeds to a phase of 2-10 leaves at one-year and 10-15 cm (socket) at long-term two-submultiple weeds. Expense of 0,4-0,6 l/hectare


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Brand:Юнайтед Агро-Кемикал Компани ГмбХ, Швейцария
Operating principle:Selective
Information is up-to-date: 19.12.2018
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